New Recoil 760/780 ES Shafts Offer Added Stability

recoil-es-780-f4The new Recoil 760/780 ES shafts offer added stability over the previous 600 and 800 series shafts.  Make no mistake, the Recoil shaft has been a solid performer, especially for golfers with a smooth tempo and transition.  UST Mamiya, manufacturer of the Recoil shafts has made some great strides in the past year on providing a graphite shaft that is also able to fit players with faster transitions.  We tested the 780 ES and loved its ability to provide a very tight shot dispersion while still having a little higher ball flight than the Recoil Prototype series.  The 780 ES has a stiffer butt and mid section which is what creates the stability.  Couple that with the soft tip section and you get a nice tight shot pattern with mid-high ball flight and great feel.  Again, this shaft is designed for players with a faster tempo and transition.  As club builders, we have be very specific about which shaft we choose, i.e. the F3 (Regular flex), F4 (Stiff flex) or F5 (X Stiff flex) to be able to build a precise set.  If you like the feel of a lighter weight graphite shaft but want more control, the Recoil 760/780 ES series could be the shaft for you!

Recoil 780 ES vs 808