New Mizuno JPX EZ Forged and MP-54 Tests

I just tested the JPX EZ Forged and MP-54 irons against my current gamers, the MP-59’s.  When I first saw the MP-54’s I thought they were a slight remake of the MP-52 but that could not be farther from the truth.  The MP-54 not only has a cleaner look than the old MP-52, it feels really solid, yet soft like you would expect from a Mizuno forged iron.  In testing against my MP-59’s, the MP-54 launched a degree and a half higher but with a 100 rpm less spin so the distances were within a yard.  The feel of the MP-54 was really smooth, yet solid.  Miss-hits were not as penalizing on the MP-54 as on the MP-59 which really surprised me.  The JPX EZ Forged was another pleasant surprise.  Launch and spin were almost identical to the MP-54.  Dispersion was a little greater with the JPX EZ Forged than the MP-54 and MP-59.  This could have been because I personally did not like the slightly wider top line on the JPX EZ Forged as I am used to a little thinner top line, so I did not hit the club as well.  The JPX EZ Forged still felt solid and would be a great replacement for those folks still playing MX-23 or MX-200 irons.  For me, the MP-54’s will be going in y bag very soon!