New Miura Wedges for 2019

Miura KGrind 2.0

Miura KGrind 2.0

There are some new Miura wedges for 2019 that you should take a look at.  Specifically, the popular K-Grind wedge has been re-introduced as KGrind 2.0 and it looks sweet!  Of course all Miura clubs including these wedges are hand crafted to the highest quality.  New innovations include a more modern sole design with heel and toe relief as well as new options in lofts (52 to 60 degree) and higher bounces.  And, the face grooves are now milled for better spin on mid to full shots.

By design, the flutes in the sole of the wedge serve to keep the face square to the target through all types of turf and bunker conditions.

And, there is a new HB Wedge coming in about 45 days that you will want to check out!

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Dan Sueltz