Most Golfers Missing 25-50 Yards off the Tee!

2015-06-11 12.21.55We support over 150 local charity golf tournaments and periodically take our Trackman ball flight monitor to the range to do a quick driver evaluation for the tournament participants.  If you remember, we commented on the Golf Digest article earlier this year about how a driver fitting really matters.  In fact Golf Digest stated the average loss of distance was 23 yards because golfers did not optimize launch angle, spin and correct face contact (smash factor).  Our research just last week at a tournament showed potential for distance gain to be 25 to 50 yards!  As I mentioned in the Golf Digest article, the slower club speed golfers are penalized the most with potential distance gains of 12-15%!  In today’s world, higher launch, lower spin is better for carry and roll.  It comes down to  a combination of the right driver head, proper loft, optimizing the shaft weight, flex,  launch and spin characteristics.  In our fittings, we will even help you identify which ball would be best for your strength and swing.  So stop hitting 5 and 6 irons into the green when you could be using a 7 or 8 iron.  Come in, get fit, and Play Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz

CEO, D’Lance Golf Performance Center