More light weight shafts on the horizon for 2013

Following the trend set by Miyazaki with their c.Kua sub 40 gram shaft, more shaft companies will be moving to lighter weight driver shafts in 2013.   In 2012, Mitsubishi Rayon (MRC) introduced the Bassara UL W-series shafts that were very close but slightly heavier than the Miyazaki c.kua shafts.  We have looked at several other shafts in the 40 gram range and found some that were really good and some that had some pretty substantial issues with proper launch angle and spin.  In reality, we are really looking for a higher launching, higher spinning shaft in this light weight range.  These shaft characteristics will help golfers with slower swing speeds, smoother swing transition, and earlier release of their hands to generate more clubhead speed and therefore more distance.  The challenge in making light weight shafts is that you must have enough material in the tip section to maintain stability and reduce breakage caused by off-center hits at higher swing speeds.  Once you add material to reinforce the tip, the launch angle typically will go down and the golfer will not get the desired results.  Rumor has it that True Temper is working on a revolutionary new shaft that will break these barriers, similar to what they did with the Grafalloy Blackbird shaft.  Our experience shows that it is a matter of understanding the swing dynamics of our customers and using our BGF Fitting System to determine if these light weight shafts will work out well.  We want our golfers to play the lightest, longest, softest flex shaft that they can control consistently.  Sometimes, the lightest shaft is not the answer, however.  If you have not been fit recently, give us a call or drop us an email and we will help you find the proper weight for all of your shafts, not just your driver.