Mizuno MP-18 Irons Product Overview

MP-18 Irons

MP-18 Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Irons will be hitting the golf courses this fall with a new look and traditional feel.  There are four new models:  MP-18 blade-style, MP-18 SC split cavity, MP-18 MMC multi-material with tungsten, and MP-18 Fli-Hi driving iron.  The beauty of Mizuno has always been the ability to build a combo set of irons from long irons through wedges and this family of products makes that very easy!  These irons are available for demo NOW with shipping expected 9/15/2017.  Sign up for your fitting TODAY!

Traditional Feel:  Each iron is constructed from 1025E Pure Select Carbon Steel and put through a 4-step Grain Flow Forging HD Process to create the ultimate solid and consistent feel Mizuno Tour athletes demand in their equipment.  This forging process allows for the traditional soft feel but improved performance (smash-factor) for distance and control.

MP-18:  This blade will make you think back to the MP-32 with its elegant design.  Traditional look in a slightly shorter, more compact iron, the MP-18 is a player’s choice, especially in the scoring irons, 7-PW.

MP-18 SC:  This split cavity (SC) design offers more forgiveness and a slightly cambered sole for better turf interaction.  Still the same forged material as the MP-18.

MP-18 MMC:  The multi-material construction using Tungsten allows the designers to create a more forgiving iron with more accuracy and control with optimum placement of the Tungsten material.  Great for mid-handicap players looking for high performance in a forged iron.

MP-18 Fli-Hi:  Designed for use as a driving iron or higher-launching long iron, this style has been a staple in the Mizuno MP product family for a long time.

So if you have been a Mizuno MP fan, jump back on the wagon because this line-up will bring back that traditional soft feel.  Of course, getting fit to the right shaft will get even more out of these finely manufactured irons!

Dan Sueltz