Mitsubishi C6 Iron-Hybrid Shaft Review

C6 Iron-Hybrid Shafts

Mitsubishi Chemical has introduced a great new graphite iron/hybrid shaft that we think will be a great addition to our fitting lineup.

Combination Iron and Hybrid Shaft

These are combination iron/hybrid shafts that are parallel tip (.370′) and come in raw length of 42 inches.  This means that we can use the same shaft in irons or hybrids.  With a lot of our players using all the way to 6, 7 and 8 hybrids, it is perfect for those set make ups!

Wide Variety of Shaft Weights

These shafts are available in 40L, 50L, 60A and 60R, 70R and 80S gram weights and flexes. As with most combination shafts, they only come in one flex.  The long tipping section allows us to build to softer and stiffer flexes than designated on the shaft.  For example, the 50 gram shaft, which is designated as an L (ladies) flex can actually be built to Junior and low end Senior flex, depending upon length and swing weight.  Likewise the 80S can be built to a Senior as well as Regular and Stiff flex.

Shaft Profile

In our shaft profiling system these are mid-soft and mid-high launch.  Again, with the tipping section, we can modify the launch characteristics somewhat to make the stiffer builds launch a bit lower.  The quality for a combo shaft is actually quite good but these shafts still need to be FLO’d (Flat Line Oscillation) during the build to make sure the accuracy of the shots is not compromised.

So, if you are looking for a great shaft that you can use in both your irons and hybrids, there should be a shaft in these weights that will work for you.

Dan Sueltz