KBS C-Taper Lite Review

Just got off the range from testing the new C-Taper Lite iron shafts.   I must say they feel pretty darn sweet.  Tested them against the original C-Taper shafts on Trackman and the new Lite does launch about a degree higher with maybe 300-500 rpm more spin.  This is pretty much “as advertised” by KBS.  The shafts do play a lot softer than their flex designation.  The X will play to a low S at standard length and swing weight so you may want to hard step these shafts to get to the desired playing flex and feel (I only tested the X and S at 37.5″ 6 iron length).  I thought the Lite felt smoother than the original C-Taper.  I think this will be a great addition to the KBS line-up!