HZRDUS Smoke RDX Shaft Review


Only the best materials are being used in the latest versions of the Project X HZRDUS shafts!  Project X has teamed with Hexcel, a global leader in carbon fiber materials for aerospace and military.  The Hex Tow material offers the most innovative combination of strength and resilience.  This gives these shafts the stiffness necessary for stability at impact, yet a smoother feel.  The best of both worlds:


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HXZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue – Available December 1, 2020

Designed for players with medium to fast tempos and transitions, these shafts will have a nice feel of release through impact but still provide a low-mid to mid ball flight with mid to mid-low spin.  

Available Weights and Flexes:

RDX Blue 60   Flexes:  R+(5.5), S(6.0), S+(6.5), TX(7.5)  Low-Mid launch and Spin

RDX Blue 70  Flexes:  S(6.0), S+(6.5), TX(7.5) Low-Mid launch and Spin

RDX Blue 80  Flexes:  TX(7.5) Low-Mid launch and Spin

HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black

This shaft is designed for aggressive swings looking for lower ball flight.  This shaft will feel more like a one-piece shaft with solid feel at impact.  These shafts are actually a little lighter in weight than the Blue version.

Available Weights and Flexes:

RDX Black 60  Flexes:  R+(5.5), S(6.0), S+(6.5) Low Launch and Spin

RDX Black 70  Flexes:  R+(5.5), S(6.0), S+(6.5)  Low Launch and Spin

RDX Black 80  Flexes:  S(6.0), S+(6.5)  Low Launch and Spin

Our Take

These shafts definitely feel stable yet smoother than the HZRDUS Smoke Green or HZRDUS T1100 White.  Slightly lower spin that either of those shafts as well.  These shafts are not counterbalanced so you can play standard driver lengths and get a heavier swing weight if needed.  Nice that these shafts come in heavier weights for fairway woods.

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Dan Sueltz