How Attack Angle is Affected By Shaft Tip Profile

AofA-DriverAttack Angle can be dramatically affected by the shaft tip profile in the driver you are using.  We learned this last year when we were using the GEARS Golf system.  A shaft with a stiffer tip profile will lower your attack angle while a softer tip section will actually increase attack angle.

The reason this is important is that attack angle can change both the launch angle and spin rate of your drives.  In general, if you are hitting the ball in the center of the club face on your driver, the lower your attack angle, the lower you will launch the ball and the more back spin you will impart on your shot.  This lower launch, higher spin shot will rob you of distance off the tee.  In our fittings we try to get our golfers to create a positive attack angle with their drivers.  This will create more carry with lower spin.  This, in turn, will give you more roll after landing also increasing distance.  When we tested several driver shaft profiles, we could change attack angle by up to 2 degrees with different shaft profiles.  The result was an average gain of 15 yards with a proper shaft profile.  Of course, we also look at several other factors that can affect attack angle (see our blog article).  Everything from tee height, ball position and spine tilt can help get you the proper driver attack angle.  But, getting the proper shaft profile in your driver shaft can really help get you more distance off the tee!  Schedule your fitting today and we will dial you in to the proper driver, driver loft and shaft tip profile.

Dan Sueltz