Hot New Drivers and Shafts for 2018

Hot New Drivers and Shafts for 2018

In our recent poll, over half of our readers are looking for a new driver in 2018.  So where should you start?  If you look at the advertising dollars being thrown around the industry, you would start with Callaway Rogue or TaylorMade “twist face”.  Yes, they are really good but don’t count out some of the others that made the Golf Digest 2018 Equipment Hot List.   Our battery of testers has narrowed the broad field down to these:

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Callaway Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero          Higher forgiveness than EPIC and lower spin than almost everyone in the industry.  Sound not as muted as some others.

Cobra F8 and F8+    This driver with the milled face is the real deal.  Better sound than last year’s F7 series.  Great low spin and forgiveness.  We liked the two-tone Nardo gray!

Mizuno ST-180  A pleasant surprise from Mizuno, this driver is in the same league as the others.  All depends upon if you like a blue colored head.

Ping G400  This driver continues to deliver more consistency across the face than almost all of the other drivers as well as increased club head speed thanks to the unique crown design.  Good sound and feel.

PXG 0811X, XL and XF  Like the matte black color and ability to change the weighting for performance.  Very low spin and high forgiveness make the X series more competitive.

TaylorMade M3 and M4   As advertised, forgiveness is the forte here.  Sound is similar to M1 and M2.  We liked the new silver color instead of white.

Titleist 917 D2 and D3  Even though this is an older model, it still performs great.  Classic design and improved sound over a lot of the competing models.

Most popular:  Callaway Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero, Cobra F8 and F8+, Ping G400 LST, and TaylorMade M3.


ACCRA Golf  The new FX 2.0 shafts are hit!  Reasonable price point and great performance!  Higher launch on lighter models, lower launch on heavier models.

Aldila Rogue Silver  Still a great shaft for golfers needing a lower ball flight.

Fujikura ATMOS and Evolution IV  Because of the different models of ATMOS we can fit for any desired ball flight.  And the low spin yet higher launch of the Evolution IV helps all players.

Graphite Design Tour AD  Several models but the DI, IZ and TP are the best performing models.  Our golfers that need higher launch are getting great results with the MJ.

Mitsubishi Chemical  Kuro Kage and Tensei are the most popular and great performing.  Still do several of the Diamana models as well.

Project X HZRDUS and Even Flow  Most of our golfers fit into the HZRDUS Red and Yellow with some stronger players using the T1100.  By far the better feeling yet still great perfroming shafts are the new Even Flow Black and Blue.

TPT (Thin Ply Technology)  These hot new shafts feature revolutionary material and design that can improve clubhead speed from 1 to 5 miles per hour.  Because of their unique design we really must do a fitting as each model can produce dramatically different results.

Veylix  Great results from the original Alpina and Rome series as they fit a wide range of golfers.  Arcane is coming on strong.

Most popular:  ACCRA FX 2.0, Fujikura ATMOS Red and Blue, Graphite Design Tour AD DI and TP, Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Pro White, Project X Even Flow Black and Blue, TPT (various models). Veylix Alpina.

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