Hot New Driver Shafts for 2019

There are a lot of new driver shafts hitting the market in 2019.  This looks to be an exciting array of shafts with a lot of different characteristics.  The list below is in alphabetical order so there is no bias in our list.  We test all of these shafts in our lab and with our testing crew so we know how these shafts will perform.  Let me try to break this down into the type of new driver shaft that may work for you.

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Strong, Aggressive Swing Looking for Stability

Fujikura Ventus

Fujikura Ventus

There are a lot of great new shafts to look for in this category:  High swing speed, medium to fast tempo and transition, and mid to late release.  And the nice thing is they come in heavier weights to handle the shaft loading.  Here are our top picks:

ACCRA Tour Z RPG, TZ 5 and TZ 6

Aerotech TI Fiber Tour 70

Aldila Rogue Tour Silver 130

Fujikura VENTUS and Speeder TR

Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 

LA Golf TPHDE and Black Tie

Mitsubishi CK Pro White and Kuro Kage XD

OBAN Airburst 65

Paderson Ballistic Tour 

Project X EvenFlow White T1100 and HZRDSU Smoke Black

TPT 15 Series and (coming soon) 14 Series

UST Mamiya ATTAS Coool

Veylix Mansion (coming soon)

Medium  Swing Speeds Seeking Distance and Control



Golfers in this category are typically in the 85-95 mph driver swing speed with medium to slow tempo, smooth transition and middle release.

ACCRA TZ 6 (multiple weights)

Aldila Rogue 110 and XTorsion 

Fujikura Speeder Evolution V

Graphite Design Tour AD VR

Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue

OBAN Airburst 55


Project X EvenFlow Black and EvenFlow Blue

TPT Golf 16 and some 17 Series

UST Mamiya The ATTAS

Slower Swings Seeking Higher Launch and More Distance

Fujikura Speeder Evolution V

Fujikura Speeder Evolution V

Golfers in this category are looking primarily for more distance without sacrificing control.  This usually comes from a higher launch angle (trajectory) with a lighter yet stable shaft.

ACCRA TZ 6 45 and 55

ALDILA Quaranta 40 and 50

Fujikura Speeder Evolution V 474

Graphite Design Tour AD VR 4 and 5

LA Golf REIGN Silver 40 and 50

Mitsubishi DIAMANA RF 50 and Grand Bassara

Project X EvenFlow Max Carry 

TPT Golf 18 Series

UST Mamiya Helium 4 and 5

A Word About Stock OEM Shafts

You may see some of these shafts as “stock” offerings in OEM clubs.  While they may have the same design structure, the materials used will be less expensive than the after market shafts we use in building your clubs.

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Bottom line is look for shafts that help you control distance, accuracy and consistency.  If you need help, we are here!

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Dan Sueltz