Graphite Design Tour AD VR Shaft Review



The Graphite Design Tour AD VR shaft is the latest in a great line of Tour AD (Accuracy and Distance) shafts from Graphite Design.  The shaft comes in five different weights from 45 to 85 grams.

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Tour AD VR 4

This is going to be a great shaft for the stronger juniors, ladies and senior golfers looking for a little more height and control in a lighter shaft.  The tip section in the VR 4 is softer than its predecessors, the GP, TP and IZ.  The only other comparable shaft is the Mitsubishi Bassara GG 43 but it does not have the butt stiffness to handle stronger players.  Very consistent at 47 grams across all flex offerings with superior quality rating.

Tour AD VR 5

This little beast will create some serious distance for smooth swinging golfers seeking a slightly higher launch but with a firm feel in the butt section.  The fact that the X flex plays as stiff as the heavier VR 6 and VR 7 is a testament to the design of this shaft using the heavier 50T pre-preg material.  Again, excellent consistency in torque, flex and profile across all flexes.  Only other comparable shaft is the Mitsubishi Fubuki J 50.

Tour AD VR 6

A great design feature of the Tour AD VR series is that the torque gets progressively lower at higher shaft weights.  This helps create the feel of a firmer tip even though the actual static testing shows a slightly softer tip.  Again, great feel in the butt section from Graphite Design for players seeking a firmer feeling transition and impact.  A close competitor would be the Project X EvenFlow Blue.

Tour AD VR 7

This heavier weight shaft will perform great in a driver or fairway wood for stronger players.  Available only in S or X flex, it plays true to flex and will really perform well for stronger golfers seeking better performance off the deck in a fairway wood.  Closest design specs are in the Mitsubishi Diamana R 70 or Fubuki J 70.

Tour AD VR 8

Not a lot of manufacturers continue to make an 80+ gram shaft.  This model will be great for strong, aggressive, fast transition golfers in their drivers and fairway woods.  Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White is a close comparison shaft.

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Dan Sueltz