Graphite Design Tour AD GP Shaft Review

tourad-gp-product-header-1080If you thought the Tour AD DI series of shafts was a little too loosey-goosey for you, the Tour AD GP will give you a LOT of love.  Graphite Design shafts have never been known, at least in our testing, for a firm mid section but the Tour AD GP is the stiffest we have tested in the Tour AD series.  The combination of the lower torque and the use of the 50T materials gives this shaft the most solid feel over the DI and MT that we tested.  Spin rates were low like the DI and launch was very similar but the consistency (1.49 smash) of ball speeds, shot dispersion and stable feel make this a solid addition to the Tour AD lineup.  We tested the GP against the DI, MT, the OBAN Kiyoshi Purple and the Diamana W.