Graphite Design MAD Shaft Review

Graphite Design MAD Shaft Review

MAD Shafts

MAD Shafts

Graphite Design challenged their shaft designers to create a shaft that would deliver Maximum Accuracy and Distance (MAD, get it?!).  We have tested these shafts and here is what we have found:

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Materials and design

In our testing, the main difference between these shafts and the Graphite Design TOUR AD series is the feel in the mid section.  The MAD shafts definitely play firmer in the mid-section so it feels like the shaft is an extension of your arm.  No two-piece release here!  

Shaft Profile

The profile as stated on the Graphite Design website is definitely on point.  These are mid to mid-low launch and mid to mid-low spin shafts.  The lighter weight 45 and 55 gram shafts will launch slightly higher with a little softer mid section but still feel like their heavier brothers.  The PRO series is only slightly firmer in the butt and tip sections.

Balance Point

These are high balance point shafts or counter balanced designed for today’s modern heavy weight drivers.  The result will be about a 2 swing weight point reduction (think D2 instead of D4) in a typical 45 inch driver.

Quality and Consistency

In our testing, these shafts have a 94-96% quality index which puts them in the top 5% of all shafts we test.  The quality index is based upon consistency of weight, CPM (cycles per minute) or flex, spine at 7 points along the shaft, torque and balance point.

Fifty three percent, that’s right, 53% of golfers in our poll are having big issues with their driver and fairway woods!  Maybe you should come in and see if one of these MAD shafts can help your game!  Book Your Fitting Here!

Dan Sueltz