Fujikura Shafts: Tour Leaders Based Upon Innovative Research

ENSO Shaft Testing System

ENSO Shaft Testing System

Fujikura golf shafts have been leaders on the PGA Tour for several years.  And, 2018 is no exception.  As a 2018 Certified Charter Dealer for Fujikura Golf, we attended a technology-based training and certification session at Fujikura headquarters in Vista, California this week.  We were able to see how graphite shafts are actually built, the research that goes into the design of each shaft, and actually test the performance of all of the Fujikura shafts ourselves.

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Here are my key takeaways:

ENSO Shaft Research

This is a phenomenal research tool that tracks every swing movement and shaft reaction in multiple dimensions based upon 8 super high speed cameras.  The testing of not only PGA Tour players but average golfers helped Fujikura develop innovative shaft designs like HIT (High Inertia Tip) for faster clubhead speed at impact!

New Shaft Materials

Having been in this business for over 20 years, I know there was a time when you could literally not get light weight graphite shafts to play very stiff.  The shafts felt like noodles.  Not anymore!  The new materials are made with lighter weight composites that have less bonding agent(epoxy) so they can be stronger AND lighter.  Now, if you want stronger, lighter and lower launch, that may come at a cost for lower torque materials.  The higher end models like the Evolution Series and ATMOS Tour Spec require some of these pricier materials.  But, even the Pro 2.0 and Vista Pro models take advantage of the newest materials.

Fujikura Evolution Series

Fujikura Evolution Series

Revolutionary Designs

Fujikura has been able to come up with some very interesting designs that meet very specific needs in the shaft marketplace.    As an example, their High Density Composite Core (HDCC) allows Fujikura shafts to be designed with  weight more in the butt section of the shaft (counterbalanced) or in the tip section (more swing weight for lighter iron shafts).  This gives us as custom club builders the options we need to fit our golfers to the best shafts for improved distance, accuracy and consistency.

Fujikura ATMOS Shafts

Fujikura ATMOS Shafts

Bottom Line

We actually were a Fujikura Charter Dealer way back in 2000.  What has changed?  Fujikura’s focus on new and innovative research and designs to make golfers of all abilities hit longer, straighter and more consistent shots!  

Book Your Fitting to See Which Fujikura Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing.

And, you should consider re-shafting your existing clubs to save money and improve performance!

Dan Sueltz