What driver’s meet (or beat) the SLDR and Callaway GBB Alpha?

XCG7 BetaWe certainly did our testing on the TaylorMade SLDR and Callaway GBB Alpha and were impressed with the numbers.  We thought we would go back and do a little further testing on a couple of other drivers that caught our eye to see how they compared.  As always, we look at performance (distance, shot dispersion, launch angle and spin) and then sound and feel.  The two that stand out were the Adams XTD and the Tour Edge XCG7 Beta.  We tested both in a 10.5 degree and compared them to the SLDR and GBB Alpha.  The Adams XTD was only a couple yards short of the “Big Two” but actually had slightly lower spin.  Launch angles were pretty much the same.  Smash factor was consistently in the 1.48-1.5 range (1.5 being optimum).  The surprise was the Tour Edge XCG7 Beta with about 300 rpm lower spin and 3-4 yards more distance.  The XCG7 Beta had the highest smash factor, averaging 1.49.  Personally, I liked the sound of the XCG7 Beta and the feel was very solid, even on a few miss-hits.  The Adams XTD felt a little less solid and the sound had a little more high pitch to it.  So if you want a couple of options other than the big boys, come in and check out these two drivers.  You may be surprised!