Diamana W Shaft Review and Comparison to ahina and Whiteboard


Mitsubishi Rayon released the Diamana W series as the latest upgrade to the signature Diamana Whiteboard line.  We recently tested three different shaft weights, 50, 60 and 70.  The biggest surprise was the stability and overall performance of the 50 for all testers.  Overall, our testers rated the Diamana W 4.8 out of 5 based on the following:

Appearance:  Excellent graphics and high gloss finish.  I actually liked the ion plating and finish on the ahina a little better.

Flexes Available:   R,S,X in both the 50 and 60 gram.  S and X only in 70 and 80.

MSRP:  $400.00 USD

Availability:  Authorized Mitsubishi Rayon dealers.

Weight Consistency:  4.8 out of 5

Butt Stiffness (CPM):  Consistent increase in CPM from R through X through all weights.  50 was about 3 cpm softer in all flexes than the 60 and 70.  Consistency is 4.8 out of 5.

Tip Stiffness:  Mid on 50 and 60, Mid-Stiff on 70

Mid Stiffness:  Mid on 50, Mid-Stiff on 60 and 70

Balance Point:  Will yield an average swing weight.

Torque:  Good transition of higher torque in R flex to lowest torque in X flex.  Mid torque rating on 50 and Mid-Low on 60 and 70.

SQI (Shaft Quality Index):  95.0 out of 100 (Above Average)

Trajectory:  Launch angle is mid-low.  Tested against Whiteboard the W was .5 to 1.0 degree lower launch.

Spin:  Low spin.  Average spin rate across all testers 2400 rpm, 2800 with ahina and 3100 with original Whiteboard.

Feel:  Remarkably solid feel for all weights across all testers.  The ahina felt a lot harsher than the W series.  The W series has similar but actually a more solid feel than the original Whiteboard.

General:  Three out of four raters liked the feel of the W series over both the ahina and original Whiteboard.  The big surprise in our testing was the performance of the 50 as all testers saw 300-400 rpm lower spin and very tight shot dispersion, resulting in distance increases of 7 to 10 yards with the Adams LS driver.