Diamana B Series Test Update

Finally had an opportunity to test this shaft in my Cobra ZL Encore against a couple of other of my favorite shafts:  OBAN Kiyoshi (Purple), UST TourSPX Elements MK, and Graphite Design DI.  All shafts tested were 70+ gram weight and built to my specs for a driver.  The Diamana B and the DI felt very similar with a lot of good feel at impact.  This validates our static testing since both of these shafts have very similar load profiles in the mid-section.  The Elements MK and Kiyoshi purple both felt a little firmer (again, bearing out their load profiles).   The Diamana B had the lowest spin rate of the test group, but produced the second best total distance as the launch angle was a little lower.  All testing was done on our TrackMan II indoors with Penta TP5 balls.  Shot dispersion was a little more left than I would like and I believe that is due primarily to the softer midsection allowing the club head to “close down” a little.  It’s not replacing my “gamer”, the Elements MK, at this point but I will definitely get out on the course and do more side-by-side testing.  I would definitely say this shaft is a solid addition in the mid-launch category.