Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Review

Cleveland Launcher HB Iron

The new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons leverage some of the great designs of the original Cleveland Launcher hybrids and irons with some great new technology.  And, you cannot dismiss the fact that these irons are designed for higher ball flight and better performance in a modern new look.

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These irons are available in 4 iron through PW, DW (gap) and SW (sand wedge).  Available also in Left Handed, which is a real plus!


Turbo Irons Shaping

Probably the best design I have seen in years with the longer irons looking more like hybrids and the shorter irons having thinner top lines and smaller footprint.  This makes this matched set look very seamless, not like a set where you buy hybrids and then a set of irons.  Very cool idea!


The hollow body design allows Cleveland to place the center of gravity low which creates the higher launch and peak height.  The very thin hardened steel face insert is what creates the higher ball speed and, in turn, more distance.  

Who is this Club For?

I see the Launcher HB Turbo as a great combo iron set for golfers that have a slow to moderate swing speed and are not getting the height and ability to stop the ball on the green with a standard iron set.  These irons have all the technology bells and whistles to match any other clubs on the market in terms of forgiveness and distance.  Of course the shaft makes all the difference and that is what we will determine in our fitting.  Give these irons a good look!

Book your fitting here to see if these irons are for you!

Dan Sueltz