Callaway Iron Comparisons – Apex, Apex Pro, X2 Hot, X2 Hot Pro

Callaway 2014 ApexWe did a comparison of the four new Callaway irons, Apex, Apex Pro, X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro to get a better understanding of the differences in performance on our TrackMan launch monitor.  Each 6 iron was tested with a True Temper DG PRO shaft that was built to the player’s specifications.  In general, the Apex and Apex Pro were the best looking and feeling of the four clubs, with the X2 Hot Pro being the least favorite of all testers in terms of feel and sound.  The favorite of all testers was the Apex Pro.

Launch Angle:     Launch angles followed the actual lofts of the club with the Apex Pro launching the highest and the X2 Hot launching the lowest.  The real variance from lowest (X2 Hot) to highest (Apex Pro) was only 1.7 degrees.

Spin:  Spin rates were almost identical with the Apex and Apex Pro at roughly 5400 rpm.  The X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro tested almost identical as well at roughly 4600 rpm.  This 800 rpm spin differences was a direct contributor to the X2 Hot irons being roughly 9-12 yards longer ( 5%).

Distance:  The Apex Pro was 3- 5 yards longer than the Apex, primarily due to a better smash factor and slightly lower spin rate.  The X2 Hot was 3-6 yards longer than the X2 Hot Pro primarily due to the lower launch angle and lower spin rate.

So, if you are a high ball hitter and looking at increasing distance, the X2 Hot should be your club.  But if you are looking for the soft feel of a forged club, then I would personally pick the Apex or Apex Pro.