Callaway EPIC Forged Iron Review

Callaway EPIC Forged Iron 2019

The Callaway EPIC Forged iron is definitely a game-changer in the premium design marketplace.  What a beautiful look on this iron.  And, the performance is above our expectations.

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Using a 1025 Carbon Steel body for softer feel, the longer irons also incorporate a 360 cup face technology for faster ball speeds.  Adding to the improved feel is the urethane microspheres in the body that absorb vibration without sacrificing speed of the ball off the face.  Finally, the urethane microspheres allowed Callaway to add tungsten weight in the heads to precisely control ball flight.

Technical Specs

The lofts on these clubs are as aggressive as the Rogue X but the performance is dramatically improved in our opinion.  While typical lofts in a 6 iron are 26-27 degrees these days, the EPIC Forged is 24.  That being said, in our testing, while the dynamic loft was 2 degrees less, the spin and descent angles still gave optimum drop and stop on the green.  Also, the lofts on the PW are 41 degrees which is 3-4 degrees lower than an Apex 19 or PXG 0311P 2nd Generation.  The set make-up is 4-PW,AW, GW, SW…that’s correct a AW AND a GW!  Again, that is due to the stronger lofts through the set.


Perhaps the most satisfying thing in our testing is that the increased ball speed we saw did not come at the expense of feel and shot dispersion.  Quite the contrary,  ball speeds increased 3-5 mph and shot dispersion actually was reduced by 5% versus the APEX 19 and PXG 0311P 2nd Gen.  Again, all of our testing is done with shafts that match our testers and the same shaft is used with the different comparison heads.

Since this is a premium priced product, it had better perform well.  And, in our testing it certainly does!

So, schedule your fitting appointment and check out these irons!

Dan Sueltz