What Are The Best Irons for 2017?

What are the best irons for 2017?  Over 70% of our readers are looking for new irons this year so let’s see!  While the Golf Digest Hot list has a ton of gold medal winners, we have seen definite trends with our customers for accuracy, consistency and distance.  Even GolfWRX has checked in with their readers choice of most popular game improvement irons.  First of all, we do not have any brand preferences dictated to us by our “deals” with our suppliers so we do not care what our golfers pick…we only want the best performance and appeal.  So here is what WE are seeing.

Players Irons:  These are the top iron choices for golfers that desire more of a thin top line and smaller head design.  Our top sellers this year are the Miura CB 57, Mizuno JPX-900 Tour, PXG 0311T, and Callaway APEX 16 Pro.  We just received the TaylorMade 770 and 750 Tour Prototype and they are testing out really well.  Every golfer has a different idea about look, feel and yes, sound of their iron shots so we literally will test first based on visual appeal.  Then we look and shot dispersion, launch, spin and distance with the customer providing feedback on feel and sound.  Since the shaft is so important in our fittings, we dial in the most appealing club head until we get the right shaft, and then switch heads until the best performance is achieved.

Game Improvement Irons:  This is a pretty broad category as it really covers a wide range of golfers ability (handicap) and what they want to achieve in their games.  Some are forged, some have a wider top line, and some have a little more offset for higher launch.  The top performers for us have been the Mizuno JPX-900 Forged, PXG 0311, Ping i200, Callaway APEX CF 16, and TaylorMade M2.  Again, the fitting process is to find the right head and shaft option first, and then test other heads.  Three of these heads were also chosen in the GolfWRX Readers choice.   While there are several other choices in this category, our golfers have chosen these as the best performers.

Super Game Improvement Irons:  This category is a little misleading as a lot of these popular irons could fall in the Game Improvement category as well.  These are typically the most forgiving head designs with larger faces, thicker top lines, and higher launch characteristics.  Our best performers in this category are the Mizuno JPX-900 Hotmetal, Callaway Big Bertha OS, PXG 0311XF, and Ping GMax.  Again, the right shaft makes all the difference here for optimizing accuracy, consistency and distance so a lot of care goes into the fitting process to select the right combinations.

So, when selecting new irons, make sure you like the visual appeal of the club head and then let our BGF Fitting System guide you to the correct shaft length, weight, flex and launch characteristics.  And be sure to try a few different heads to make sure you are getting the best performance before you make your final decision.  Don’t let marketing sway you…pick the irons you like that give you the best performance.  That way you will Play Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz