Best Iron Shafts in 2021 Review

Iron Shafts 2021

Iron Shafts 2021


Selecting the best iron shaft or iron–shaft combination for your game starts with knowing your game. The newest irons and shafts in 2021 are producing greater distance, forgiveness and accuracy for our customers because we properly tune the iron and shaft combination to your handicap and swing dynamics. We’ve put the newest iron shafts from Project X, True Temper, KBS, OBAN, Mitsubishi, Nippon and others through rigorous testing. Choose your handicap range or swing speed to see how each iron shaft stacks up: (Our More Popular Shafts are Highlighted in Red)

Professionals/ low handicaps (6 iron distance is 200+ yards with swing speeds 90+ mph)
• Low to Mid-handicaps (6 iron distance 175 – 200 yards with swing speeds between 80-90 mph)
• Higher handicaps (6 iron distance 150 – 175 yards with swing speed less than 80 mph
• Seniors, Juniors, Ladies (6 iron distance under 140 yards)

If you want to find the best iron shafts for your swing, schedule your Fitting Here!!


Our Fitting Difference

We fit a LOT of different golfers every year for iron shafts. Our master insights come from shaft performance testing and player testing during thousands of fittings. Our fitting system recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight. Our recommendations are also determined by a golfers physical characteristics (height, weight, wrist crease-to-floor), strength (distance), launch characteristics (actual and desired trajectory, spin, dispersion), and swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release point).
Unfortunately, many fitters including your local pro shop do not take all these factors into account, nor do they have the selection of shafts, nor do they have the underlying performance data needed to correctly fit you. Learn more in our blog what happens when golf shafts are not properly fit to your swing.

Our 2021 Guide to the Best Iron Shafts

Professional or Low Handicaps (200+ yards with a 6 iron)

If your swing speed with a 6 iron is 90+ mph, you should be getting close to 200 yards of distance or more from your 6 iron. If you’re not seeing these distances or happy with the trajectory, schedule your Fitting Here  and we’ll get you dialed in with the best iron shaft or iron-shaft combination for your swing.

                                                    Shaft Weight   Trajectory      Spin

True Temper X7                  132gr                    Low             Low

Project X 6.0, 6.5, 7.0     120-130gr          Mid             Mid

Project X LS                           120-130gr        Low             Low

Project X LZ Steel 6.5      125gr                   Low-Mid      Low-Mid

Rifle 6.0 and 7.0             125-130gr               Mid              Mid

OBAN CT-125                     125gr                      Mid              Mid

OBAN CT-115                     115gr                      Mid              Mid

KBS C-Taper X                  120gr                Low-Mid       Low-Mid

KBS Tour V                       115-130gr         Low-Mid       Low-Mid

KBS $ Taper X                  130gr                      Mid               Mid

Nippon Modus 130      121 – 129gr        Low-Mid      Low-Mid

Nippon Modus 125       127 – 129gr        Low-Mid       Low-Mid

ACCRA TiMesh                  125gr                     Mid               Mid

Aerotech i110                     110gr                 Low-Mid       Low-Mid

Aerotech i125                    125gr                Low-Mid      Low-Mid

KBS TGI 100, 110          100-110                   Mid                 Mid

Mitsubishi MMT Taper  125gr                     Mid                 Mid

UST Recoil 110                   110                         Low-Mid   Low-Mid

Low to Mid Handicap Players (175 – 200 yards with a 6 iron)

If your swing speed with a 6 iron is between 83 – 90 mph, you should typically see between 175 – 200 yards of distance or more from your 6 iron.  For mid-handicappers, we often see a lot of variance in distances, especially when standard flex and even standard stiff flex shafts are used. Your shot dispersion can be less than 10 yards right to left and 7-10 yards front to back, ensuring you’re getting more greens in regulation.

                                                            Shaft Weight Trajectory         Spin

True Temper TI X100                128gr      Low-Mid        Low-Mid

True Temper DG 120                 120gr     Low-Mid         Low-Mid

True Temper AMT White  102-130gr Low-Mid          Low-Mid

OBAN CT 115                                 115gr           Mid                  Mid

Project X I/O                            105-115gr    Variable         Variable

Project X LZ Steel 6.0               120gr             Mid                  Mid

True Temper ELEVATE Tour   115-120gr Mid-High    Mid-High

True Temper ELEVATE ETS 115 115gr        Mid                 Mid

Project X Catalyst 100CW       100gr      Low-Mid          Low-Mid

Rifle 5.0 and 6.0                         115-125gr      Mid                  Mid

KBS $ Taper                               115-120gr        Mid                  Mid

KBS $ Taper Lite                      95-105gr     Mid-High       Mid-High

Nippon Modus 120                  111 -126gr       Mid                  Mid

ACCRA iSteel                                 115gr             Mid                  Mid

ACCRA I Series                         95-105gr    Low-Mid      Low-Mid

KBS TGI 90, 95                            90-95            Mid                    Mid

Xcaliber RT 95                                 96                    Mid                    Mid

Mid to High-Handicap Players (150-175 yards with a 6 iron)

If your swing speed with a 6 iron is less than 83 mph, you should expect between 150 – 175 yards of distance from your 6 iron. Shot trajectory can be extremely important here so that you can still get enough loft to stop the ball on the green without sacrificing distances or artificially creating excessive spin that costs you distance.

                                                              Shaft Weight    Trajectory        Spin

True Temper DG                       105-115gr        Low-Mid           Low-Mid

True Temper XP95                   93-95gr          Mid-High           Mid-High

True Temper ELEVATE 95    95-97gr             High                  High

OBAN CT 100                               100                   Mid-High           Mid-High

Project X I/O                             105-115gr          Variable         Variable

Project X LZ Steel 5.5               115gr              Mid                  Mid

Project X LZ Steel 5.0               110gr              Mid                  Mid

KBS C-Taper Lite                      100-110     Mid-High          Mid-High

KBS $-Taper Lite                        95-110      Mid-High          Mid-High

Xcaliber 85                                        86                   Mid                    Mid

Nippon Modus 105                      105                  Mid                      Mid

Project X Catalyst 80CW          85             Low-Mid          Low-Mid

Aerotech SteeFiber i90 FC    90gr         Variable         Variable

OBAN i83 and i93                    83-93gr     Mid-High          Mid-High

KBS TGI 80, 90                          80-90                  Mid                      Mid

ACCRA i80 and i90                 85-95gr              Mid                      Mid

Mitsubishi C6 80                      80-89gr              Mid-High             Mid-High

Nova Tech i800                        80-90 gr              Mid                      Mid

UST Recoil 780ES                 80-85gr             Mid-High          Mid-High

Xcaliber 75                                        76                    Mid                    Mid

Slower Swing Speeds (UNDER 115 yards with a 6 iron)

If your swing speed with a 6 iron is a bit slower, we’ve still got a perfect solution for you. From your swing and personal dynamics, the shaft we recommend and all the other parameters we ask in our fittings helps us optimize the shaft for your swing – no change to the swing and you get the perfect balance of distance, trajectory and spin.

                                                           Shaft Weight    Trajectory        Spin

Fujikura Vista Pro                   50-80gr          Mid-High          Mid-High

Xcaliber 75                                     76                    Mid                    Mid

UST Recoil DART                65-75gr         Mid-High          Mid-High

Aerotech SteelFiber i70FC  70-75gr       Mid-High          Mid-High

KBS TGI 50, 60. 70              50-70gr          Mid-High         Mid-High

KBS MAX Graphite              45-85gr          Mid-High        Mid-High

Mitsubishi  C6                        45-75gr          Mid-High             Mid-High

OBAN i43i-i73i                       43-74gr         Mid-High         Mid-High

Project X Catalyst 40-60  57-68gr         Mid-High        Mid-High

Project X CYPHER 40-60  52-74gr        Mid-High        Mid-High

Nova Tech  i700              70-75gr              Mid-High          Mid-High

Veylix 473, 673                50-65gr             Mid-High           Mid-High

To see our testing and review of the 2021 iron shafts, read more within each of our manufacturer’s blogs: Project X, True Temper, KBS, OBAN, Mitsubishi, Nippon.

If you want to find the best iron shafts for your swing, schedule your Fitting Here!!

Dan Sueltz