AutoFlex Shafts Add Consistency and Potentially More Speed

AutoFlex Shafts

AutoFlex Shafts add consistency and potentially more speed based upon our testing.


The wood shafts are designed to be lighter weight and slightly counterbalanced.  This will give golfers the feel of a lighter swing weight even with today’s heavier driver heads.  These shafts are also designed to be more flexible and that is borne out in our testing.  The traditional “X” or Xtra Stiff flex actually plays more like a “L” or ladies flex.  The “XX” flex plays more like a Senior flex.  Even with the softer flex (butt stiffness), the flat profile of the shaft allows the shaft to still play more stable throughout the swing.

Test Results


While these shafts are light and soft flex, the consistency of shot dispersion of these shafts is pretty amazing.  From driver speeds of 85 to 117mph, we saw shot dispersions stay within 15 yards.  There were a few outliers where golfers with a fast transition saw shots go significantly left or right of target.


Spin rates were very similar to what we would consider low spin shafts, especially those that we had fitted our golfers for in previous fittings.  Again, this was across the board for several golfers with a wide range of swing speeds.


Trajectory was very similar to a mid-launch comparison shaft.  The flat profile of these shafts contribute to keeping the launch angle from getting too high so you can fit these to your typical driver loft.

Club Speed

We did not see this consistently across all of our test subjects, but there was a nominal 1-2 mph increase in club speed versus a previously custom fitted shaft for the test golfers.   This did equate to a 3-6 yard gain in distance.  More samples will be necessary to make this a valid assumption.

Dan Sueltz