AI Drives Callaway MAVRIK Head Design

If you have not heard of AI (Artificial Intelligence) you will hear a lot more about it in the coming years.  Over 60% of companies in the golf industry are using some form of AI to drive the designs of their equipment.  Why?  Because they can make changes faster and tailor their designs to specific user characteristics.

MAVRIK Driver Bodies

Three Distinct MAVRIK Models

The Callaway MAVRIK heads (not just the drivers) are a great example.  The MAVRIK driver heads have 3 different models, MAVRIK (standard), MAVRIK SZ (Sub Zero) and MAVRIK MAX.  Each loft has its own face that is uniquely designed to match the characteristics of the target golfer in terms of face contact and launch.  Because of these 8 different head and face combinations, Callaway had to get USGA approval on the Conforming list for each head and loft!

Advanced Technology and Design

MAVRIK Driver Faces

MAVRIK Driver Faces

All the MAVRIK drivers have new face material, a thinner, faster material that yields more consistent ball speeds across the face.  Callaway calls this Ball Speed Robustness.  We definitely see that in the testing we have done.  The other key factor in their design is the spin consistency.  It is not uncommon on most modern drivers to see spin vary from a low of 2,000 rpm toward the top of the face to 3,300 rpm towards the bottom.  High spin robs distance and adds dispersion to your shots.  The spin consistency on the MAVRIK drivers is more like 400 rpm from top to bottom.  In Callway’s testing, that means an average improvement in distance consistency of about 20 yards.  This is a significant improvement and we have seen this in some of our early fittings.

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MAVRIK – Fastest Ball Speeds

The MAVRIK is a 460 cc head with the thinnest face and highest ball speeds in their testing.  Our testing bears this out, especially for golfers with swing speed 100 mph or less.  The measure we use is Smash Factor to see how efficient and consistent these heads are with the proper shaft.  The MAVRIK is consistently in the 1.48-1.51 area for the golfers we have tested so far.  For the golfer with swing speeds under 100 mph, this is our go-to model.

MAVRIK MAX – Highest MOI and Forgiveness

The MAX model features more of a draw bias and forgiveness.  Still a 460 cc model with the same face material as the other models but a different face design for golfers with a little less club speed and consistency.  Removable weights allow us to adjust swing weight and directional tendency.

 MAVRIK SZ (Sub Zero) – Lowest Spin

This model is designed for players that absolutely need the lowest spin characteristics in a driver.  This is usually caused by swing-related issues like outside-to-inside path and/or negative angle of attack.  We consistently see 300-400 rpm lower spin with the SZ heads.  This model is slightly smaller at 450 cc and more designed for a lower handicap player that likes the more compact look.

Pair With the Right Shaft for Optimum Performance

While these are great head designs, pairing these MAVRIK  drivers with the right shaft can improve consistency and accuracy.  We know that the stock driver lengths on these clubs is 45.75″ which, in our opinion, is too long for the average golfer.  Our fitting process will determine the right length, shaft weight, shaft flex, launch and spin profile, and swing weight for YOUR unique swing to optimize your driver performance!

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Dan Sueltz