ACCRA Golf Shafts and KB Steel Shafts Introduce New Golf Shafts

2015-01-19 11.54.37ACCRA Golf Day was a huge success at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Orlando, FL today.  ACCRA introduced their new Fx line of shafts which is a significant improvement in terms of technology and quality over the DyMatch 2.0 line.  Incorporating some of the technology from their premium CS line of shafts, the Fx is a comprehensive suite of shafts that allow us clubfitters to match weight, flex, and torque very easily throughout a set of clubs, something we used to have to do using multiple shaft companies.  I tested the driver shafts on the range and they felt pretty awesome.  We have used the DyMatch shafts for years and this is a great new addition for ACCRA.  Kim Braly, founder of KB Steel shafts, has done extensive research on the PGA Tour regarding wedge shafts and he has come up with a dual-pronged approach for us clubfitters.  If you need higher launch and more spin, the KBS HiRev 2.0 wedge shaft is the one for you.  But if you are a stronger player that is tired of backing approach shots off the green, the new 610 Wedge gives you slightly lower launch and less spin for better control.  Pretty excited to hit both of these lines of shafts.  Can’t wait to get them in for our customers.