ACCRA Golf Shafts – A Perfect Match For Every Swing

ACCRA Golf Shafts Exclusively for Clubfitters



Winner of the 2019 U.S. Open trusted ACCRA shafts in his driver and 3 wood.  Check out his bag here!

If you have not heard of ACCRA golf shafts, it is about time you did!  These shafts have been in the industry for years and are offered exclusively through a network of the most talented clubfitters and club builders in the world.  At D’Lance Golf Performance Center, we offer every shaft available from ACCRA.  We have tested all of them in our shaft profiling system and know EXACTLY which shaft(s) will work for your swing.  Here are the cool things to know about ACCRA shafts:

Shafts for Beginners and Pros

A lot of shaft companies focus only on the PGA Tour players and develop shafts strictly for that audience.  They hope that this will have a “trickle down” effect so the average golfer will buy those shafts.  The problem is, most golfers could never swing the shaft that the tour pros use!   So, ACCRA has made several different lines of shafts with different shaft profiles and different price points.  This means that the average golfer can get “fitted” with shafts that match THEIR swing but do not cost an arm and a leg.  From the iSeries to the RPG and Tour Z5 and Z6, ACCRA has a shaft for every swing.

ACCRA FX 2.0 Yellow ACCRA FX 2.0 Yellow

Manufactured by the Best

ACCRA shafts have long been manufactured to extremely tight tolerances.  Three years ago, the company struck a relationship with a Japanese shaft manufacturer to make all of their shafts.  I know that Japanese quality usually means higher prices but ACCRA has been able to keep their shaft prices very competitive to all other shaft manufacturers.  In fact, they even have several high end models that are better quality and equal to or less than the cost of so-called Japanese model shafts.

All Shafts Are Designed to Work Together

When the BGF Fitting System and our Fitting Wizards were designed, we looked at a lot of shaft manufacturers and tried to determine which would be the best for our fitting philosophy.  First, the shafts had to be very consistent in terms of actual flex no matter what weight category.  It is not uncommon in the industry to find a 50 gram S flex shaft that is completely different than a 70 gram S flex.  Not with ACCRA.  The ACCRA DyMatch process means all shafts regardless of weight will play the same in a given flex.

But even more important, our BGF Fitting philosophy requires ascending weight from driver through fairway woods, hybrids and irons.  This means that if you play a 60 gram shaft in your driver, your fairway woods will be 70 grams and your hybrids will be 80 grams.  ACCRA understands this and makes shafts that not only match your weight but match the shaft profile (trajectory and spin).

Dedicated to Exclusive Clubfitters

The ACCRA team sells their shafts EXCLUSIVELY through qualified clubfitters and clubbuilders.  We are proud to be one of them!  This means that you will NOT find an ACCRA shaft in a Callaway, TaylorMade or other OEM club.  When that happens, I guarantee you have a prescription for compromising quality for the almighty dollar.  No “made for” shafts from ACCRA!

So, if you want the broadest range of shafts with the best quality fit by the best clubfitters and club builders in the world, select ACCRA and D’Lance Golf Performance Center!  When you go through our fitting process, an ACCRA shaft will be one of the options.  I guarantee there is a shaft from ACCRA to match YOUR swing!

Dan Sueltz