Graphite Design is introducing the Tour AD MT to its line of premium golf shafts in 2014.  Designed for today’s low-spin drivers, this shaft is manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters.  Overall, our testers rated the GD Tour AD MT 4.7 out of 5 based on the following:

Appearance:  Same graphics pattern as the DI and GT but a crisp lemon color with gray and blue accents in the Graphite Design band.

Flexes Available:   R2, R1, S in MT 5 (55 gr.), SR, S, X in MT 6 (65 gr.), S, and X in MT 7 (75 gr.) and MT 8 (83 gr.).

MSRP:  $500.00 USD

Availability:  Authorized Graphite Design fitters.

Weight Consistency:  4.9 out of 5

Butt Stiffness (CPM):  Consistent increase in CPM from R through S in the MT 5 and MT 6.  MT 7 S and X test stiffer than the MT 6 and MT 8.  Consistency is 4.5 out of 5.

Tip Stiffness:  Mid

Mid Stiffness:  Mid

Balance Point:  Will yield an average swing weight similar to the DI and GT series.

Torque:  Good transition of higher torque in MT 5 to lowest torque in the MT 8.  Mid-high torque rating on MT 5, Mid on the MT 6, MT 7 and MT 8.

SQI (Shaft Quality Index):  94.6 out of 100 (Above Average)

Trajectory:  Launch angle is mid.  Tested against the DI, the launch was .5 degree lower.

Spin:  Low-Mid spin.

Feel:  Solid feel for the lower swing speed testers.  Feels more like a one-piece shaft versus the DI and GT.   Higher swing speed and faster transition testers said the shaft solid during the downswing but a harsher feel at impact than the DI.

General:  Raters had driver swing speeds from 79 mph to 110 mph and had shafts that were matched to their swings.  Would like to see a little higher torque and launch in the MT-8 for better performance in today’s fairway woods.