Why 2015 Iron Heads are Better Performing.

TMAG RSi 2Over the last few years iron heads have gotten increasingly hotter (thinner faces creating more ball speed) but not necessarily more forgiving.  Some of the early hot models (X Hot, Rocketbladez) were really hot as long as you hit them on the sweet spot.  When you missed, the loss in distance and accuracy was pretty dramatic.  In some cases, they were actually worse than a forged club in distance lost on an off-center hit!  That has changed with the 2015 models from Callaway, TaylorMade and others.  They learned their lesson!  The Rsi 1, Rsi 2 from TaylorMade, the XR and XR Pro from Callaway, and the JPX-850 and JPX-EZ from Mizuno are all much more forgiving and lose far less distance on off-center hits.  This is accomplished by making the face thinner across more of the face thus expanding the sweet spot.  This is especially great news for mid handicap players seeking more distance.  So if you have not upgraded your irons in a while, we encourage you to go through an iron fitting and see how much distance AND accuracy you can gain!