Are Worn, Slick Golf Grips Adding Strokes to YOUR game?

prod-mccplus4-aEver feel like the club is starting to slip out of your hand when you take a swing?  It is time to re-grip your clubs! Grips that are slick (hardly any tack or cord), worn (shiny appearance, wear spots where you place your thumbs on the grip), or hard and cracked from dry weather can cost you up to six strokes a round according to a study done by a grip manufacturer. How often should you change grips?

We always recommend that you change grips as follows:  1.  After 30 rounds if you practice at least once a week, 2. After 40-50 rounds if you don’t practice much, or 3.  Every year, especially if you live in a dry climate.

Choosing a grip size is something you should do with a good clubfitter but you can do a simple sizing based upon your glove size.  Grips come in Junior, Undersize (Ladies), Standard Men’s, Midsize and Jumbo (Oversize).  I always recommend that you choose comfort over “proper” sizing as the feel of the grip is what can help create confidence with your swing.  We do a lot of customization of grips sizes to take into account player preferences as well as things like feel.  Bubba Watson plays a standard Ping grip with 10 wraps of grip tape under his right and and 12 wraps under his left hand!

Texture is a very important factor.  Some grips will feel too smooth or rough, tacky or slick, or hard or soft.  Winn makes a variety of soft feeling grips but very few firm grips.  GolfPride has a wide variety of grips in all textures from velvet, wrap, half cord, and full cord.  Lamkin and Pure Grips also have a wide selection of grips.

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Dan Sueltz