Will Lighter Clubs Help You Increase Distance?

xj1driver1Lighter clubs are pushing the limits in an effort to create more distance.  The latest companies to test this are the XXIO Prime  line and Tour Edge with the XJ1.  This is not a new concept as Cleveland did it a few years back with their 270, 290 and 310 gram models using Miyazaki 39 gram shafts.  Now we are really pushing the limits with driver club weights as low as 252 grams.  I am actually welcoming this trend.  There are some of our golfers that the new trend towards heavier drivers and fairway woods is making it difficult to get a light enough club that our golfers can swing comfortably.  We will be carrying the Tour Edge XJ1 line and are excited about the possibilities of helping our golfers with slower swing speeds generate better launch and ball speed.  These clubs have a very light head (197 gr. driver) and are coupled with a 45 gram Fujikura Air shaft.  The heads also have the ability for us to adjust the weight to give a better fit in terms of flex and swing weight.

But are these light clubs for everyone?  Certainly not.  Realistically, if your club speed is over 90 mph and your tempo and transition are on the fast side, these light weight clubs will not create the consistency you need.  Our motto is to have you play the lightest, longest, softest shaft THAT YOU CAN CONTROL.  When you start losing control, i.e. shot dispersion increases, distance drops due to poor contact, etc, it is time to look for a heavier and maybe stiffer shaft.   Golf Week just published a list of the golfers that averaged over 300 yards on the PGA Tour in 2016.  As you would expect, their clubs were NOT light.  In fact the average driver shaft weight was over 70 grams.

But this is the reason you go to a good fitter, right?    A fitter that has a variety of shafts and heads and a system that takes into account your swing dynamics.  At the end of the day, weight is a big factor in getting distance AND consistency.  Too light and you will be all over the place.  To heavy and it will be difficult to generate launch and distance.  So make your resolution for 2017 to get yourself fitted for the RIGHT equipment.  You will actually Play Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz