What’s the Best Shaft of 2014?

Shaft selection

What shaft is right for you?

We get asked this question ALL the time, especially because we test over 2,500 shafts a year from all of the major manufacturers.  My answer is always the same.  The best shaft is the one that fits your swing!  There are a lot of components that go into fitting a shaft to your swing.  The first is weight.  Too light and you will not have the consistency or feel you like.  Too heavy and you will feel like the club is swinging you and you will lose distance because of inconsistent contact.  Certainly flex is a big factor in control and shot dispersion.  And then the intricacies of mid-section design for feel, and tip section design for launch and spin control.  We have the best system in the industry for matching shafts to your swing dynamics, but it has to be backed up by two things:  1.  Validation from our Trackman ball flight monitors that you get the best distance and accuracy, and 2.  Your validation that the club and shaft FEEL good in your swing.  All this being said, there are a lot of new things going on in the shaft industry in 2014 in terms of materials, weights, and design that will allow us to continue to fit you to the best shaft that fits your budget.  We will continue to keep you updated with all of the testing we are doing. With over 25 major manufacturers of shafts, we can certainly find the best shaft for you!