What Weight Should I Have in My Hybrid Shaft?

hybrids-2016-steelhead-xr____1What weight should I have in my hybrid shaft?  That is an integral part of our fitting process for irons and hybrids.  In general, your hybrid shafts should be slightly lighter than your irons and either equal to or heavier than your fairway woods.

If you are struggling with consistency of contact (hitting thin, topping the ball) and accuracy (snap hooking or slicing) with your hybrids, it is either caused by a shaft weight or shaft flex problem.

Our BGF (Better Golf…Faster) Fitting System is designed to  fit our customers to ascending shaft weights from driver through wedges.  But every customer is different.  Each golfer has their own unique swing, but matching shaft weights, flexes, trajectory and lengths is what makes our fitting system so powerful.  We recommend fitting hybrids when you fit your irons.  This is because you usually are going to substitute a hybrid for one of your longer irons so making the shaft flex similar makes sense.  The reason we may go slightly lighter with the shaft weight in the hybrid is because hybrids are typically .75″ longer than the equivalent iron (38.5″ 4 iron and 39.25″ 4 hybrid).  This added length gives the golfer more distance and potentially more height.  From a technical standpoint, hybrid heads are a little lighter than irons so the added length helps the club “feel” better.  This is because the added length makes the club feel heavier (higher swing weight).

Most hybrids purchased off the rack at a big box store will have either a stock 55 gram, 65 or 75 gram shaft, all in graphite.  These are typically way too light and too flexible to give you consistent shots.  We have an unlimited number of shaft options that allow  you to dial your shaft in very quickly using TrackMan to validate the accuracy, consistency and distance improvements with the proper shafts.  For stronger players, we have also used steel shafts in their hybrids.

Another factor is desired ball flight.  If you need a higher or lower trajectory, we can do that with different shaft profiles.  Again, a proper hybrid fitting will optimize your shot dispersion and distance which means we have fit you to the best ball flight.

So if you are struggling with accuracy and consistency with your hybrids, you owe it to yourself to get a proper iron/hybrid fitting.  Leave no strokes on the course this year!!

Dan Sueltz