Use the Off Season to Get Your Clubs, Body and Swing in Shape

Indoor Practice2 2014Hope you had a great season and your golf game is where you would like it to be.  If not, I have a couple of suggestions for getting yourself “fit” for next season.  Even though we are in the second year of the extended PGA Tour season, the top players are using this time of year to get ready for the 2016 season.  The first thing you should do is review how your equipment treated you this year. Where did you lose a lot of shots?  Off the tee?  Didn’t hit many greens in regulation?  Wedges let you down?  Too many putts?  Whatever it is, you should start working on getting your bag in shape with a club fitting that analyzes each portion of your game and creates a consistent set of equipment that will help fix the problems you experienced this past year.  Second, you should see if there are any physical limitations that may be holding you back.  Do you start strong but fade on the back nine?  Have you lost distance?  Do you have any nagging pain in your back, legs, shoulders?  Get checked out with a certified golf fitness expert to determine if you have issues in stability, flexibility, strength and stamina.  And then commit to a program to improve by next season.  Third, maybe it is time to have your swing looked at by an expert and set up a program to fix those swing flaws.  We all have swing tendencies that can be fixed with the helpful eye and mind of a great golf coach.  We are fortunate at D’Lance Golf Performance Center to not only have the best clubfitting system, but be affiliated with some of the top golf fitness gurus and swing coaches.  Check out the links to our partners above and get on the road to Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz