Try the New MyGolfShafts App and See What Shafts Fit YOUR Game.

Recommendation Summary – Driver

ITB, Inc. and D’Lance Golf Performance Center have released the first golf shaft recommendation app for Apple iOs that uses a golfer’s swing dynamics to match shafts from a database of over 2000 shafts.  Using either swing speed, distance or launch monitor data, MyGolfShafts Lite and Pro apps can cut through the maze of aftermarket shafts and make recommendations for shafts that have weight, flex, trajectory and spin characteristcis that will improve your distance, accuracy or both.  Of course, this is just an initial recommendation.  To really get dialed in, you should take your information to a qualified clubfitter so MyGolfShafts will recommend a fitter near you, including the Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitters in America.   The recommendations are based upon D’Lance Golf Performance Center’s proprietary shaft research and BGF Fitting System.  ITB, Inc. is a technology company focused on improving sports performance.