Stop Hitting Thin Iron Shots!

When we go through our custom fitting interview, we always ask about misses with certain clubs.  Are your misses left of target?  Right of target?  Are your misses a draw/hook or fade/slice?  Do you hit your shots thin or fat?  When the responses to this question is a thin miss or toe shot, we look for a couple things in the golfers equipment.  While thin misses with irons, especially long irons, can be caused by incorrect lie angle, club weight and swing weight the majority of thin iron misses are caused by either a shaft that is too short, or a shaft that is too stiff in either or both the butt section or tip section.

Shaft too short.  If a shaft is too short, the golfer will not be able to return the club face to the proper position and hit the ball more in the middle of the club face.  This is especially true with long irons.  The result is thin (low on the face) shots with a loss of distance and potentially a fade or slice.

Shaft too stiff.  When a golfer swings his or her club, the club bends inseveral directions.  During transition from back swing to forward swing, the shaft bends in a toe-up position.  As the golfer nears impact during the forward swing, the shaft will return from that toe-up position to a toe-down position.  This is a concept called toe droop.  Every shaft and swing will have a certain amount of toe droop.  If the shaft is too stiff for a golfers swing, the shaft will not droop enough and the club face will remain too high at impact,  The result will be a thin or even topped shot.

So if you have been struggling with thin shots, especially in your irons, come in for a club fitting and we will help you improve your ball striking, play better golf, and have more fun!