Shaft fitting. What’s the Point?

2016-steel-iron-shaftsShaft fitting means more distance, accuracy and consistency.  Period.  The end.  When somebody tells me it’s “the Indian, not the arrow”, I have to say the best Indians had the best arrows!  (Trying to be PC here…).  The point is even a great athlete will struggle with equipment that does not fit their strength and swing dynamics.

First, if you do not believe that the shaft is the MOST important part of the golf club, you need a little education.  While the head of the club is important because it has the ability to create more ball speed and consistency, it is the SHAFT that actually returns the club to the proper position at impact creating the best efficiency (smash factor).   In our testing, the shaft can dramatically affect the impact position of the ball on the clubhead.  Shafts  can droop (drop from center of shaft deflection) and lead or lag (be slightly closed or open at impact) depending upon the actual flex and shaft profile and the strength and swing dynamics of the golfer we are testing.  Bottom line?  When we fit shafts to players, the weight, flex, shaft profile in conjunction with the loft and lie of the club can dramatically impact distance, accuracy and consistency.  And, the majority of our golfers want increased consistency and accuracy (Of course, they do NOT want to sacrifice distance!).  From a purely technical standpoint, we fit our customers to maximize their smash factor (ball speed divided by club head speed).  This means we have the right shaft flex, weight and profile to optimize consistency AND distance.  We see it all day, every day in our fittings.  I fit a 10 year old golfer on his way to the US Kids International Championships in Scotland this spring and we added a club in distance and tightened shot dispersion to +/- 5 yards with the proper shaft.  And a 20+ handicap golfer tightened his shot dispersion by +/- 15 yards with his driver with the right shaft AND picked up 12 yards with the right shaft.  No, it is not a miracle.  It is a very analytical, predictive system, BGF Fitting System, that gives the most consistent shaft recommendations for our fitters.  We see our competitors with a lot of shaft options going through the motions and FINALLY coming up with a shaft/head combination that gives good results.  In most cases, these are not the OPTIMUM results.  Our fitting system PREDICTS and then OPTIMIZES your fitting results.  AND, it works for EVERY CLUB IN YOUR BAG!

So if you want more distance, accuracy AND consistency, it’s all about the shaft…my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Dan Sueltz