Putter Fitting Can Take You Sub-30!

Putter Fitting with TrackMan

The old golf adage “Drive for Show and Putt for Dough” is truer now than ever.  With putting accounting for well over 40% of your shots, it is time to start thinking about going “Sub 30” (less than 30 putts per round).

When you go through a putter fitting with D’Lance Golf Performance Center, we look at both the aesthetic side of putters as well as the major equipment factors of length, loft, lie, grip size, swing weight, and total weight.  Then we look at your putter stroke to determine if the putter you have suits your stroke style.

Here is our approach to putter fitting.

As in all of our fittings, the parameters we focus on are all about consistency.

We look for Consistency in:

  • swing direction,
  • ball speed,
  • skid distance,
  • roll percent,
  • back swing distance, and
  • tempo.

And, we can adjust YOUR putter to get these parameters more consistent.

There are some new shaft technologies like the STABILIZER from Break Through Golf Technologies and the Stroke Lab from Callaway that can make your consistency in distance and accuracy even better.

So don’t delay your trip to less than 30 putts.  Sign up for a putter fitting today!

Dan Sueltz