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Project X IO Shafts – (Individually Optimized)

Project X IO

The new Project X IO shafts are designed for players looking for the best steel weighted shafts that optimize launch, spin and shot dispersion.   These shafts acknowledge that slower swing speeds and smoother tempo players generally may need higher ball flight.


Based on the design of Project X and Pxi shafts, these shafts get slightly heavier (5 grams) in the stiffer flexes.  The launch and spin also gets slightly lower as the shafts get stiffer and heavier.  This is by design as stronger players may want heavier, stiffer, lower launching shafts.

Schedule a Fitting to See Which of These Shafts May Fit Your Swing!


These shafts are available in taper tip (.355″) only in the following categories:

Description                                          5.5 Flex                   6.0 Flex                6.5 Flex

Weight                                                     105 gr                       110 gr                    115 gr

Spin                                                         Mid-High                   Medium              Medium

Launch                                                   Mid-High                   Medium              Medium

Lengths                                                  2i – W                         2i – W                     2i – W

These shafts may play softer than their designated flexes, i.e. a 5.5 may play 5.0 or less, based upon the length and swing weight of the fitted iron.  This can be mitigated by hard-stepping the irons (using a 5 iron shaft in a 4 iron head, for example) unless length becomes an issue.

Schedule a Fitting to See Which of These Shafts May Fit Your Swing!

These new shafts may be just the ticket for you if you need lighter shafts with a little higher trajectory!

Dan Sueltz