Our Lifetime Club Fitting is More Than Just Loft, Lie, and Length.

Hatcher Equipment AfterWe always get asked about why our complete clubfitting costs $450 and takes at least three hours.  The reason is that we are much more concerned about your golf game and how we can help improve it that just selling you a new driver or set of irons.  Our seven step clubfitting and club building process ensures that you get not only the best performance in our fitting studio but on the golf course.  From the interview process, through testing your clubs, getting your swing dynamics, fitting you to the right set make-up and then to the final build of your clubs, we want to make sure that we improve every aspect of your game.

We are so confident in our fitting process that we guarantee that you will improve with our custom fit and custom built clubs.  In addition, once you pay for your clubfitting, it is good for your lifetime.  With our lifetime clubfitting you can come in next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee. 

This is the perfect time of year to do a clubfitting as you are in “game shape” from the season and can tell us what was working and what was not working in your game this season.  So if you really want to improve your enjoyment of the game and have more consistency, go through one or all of our lifetime clubfittings!

Dan Sueltz