How to Optimize Your Golf Shots – TrackMan Optimizer!

Optimizer_ScreenIf you have ever wondered how good you could REALLY hit your shots, the wait is over!  Through very extensive research from thousands of golfers and tour players, TrackMan Optimizer identifies the optimum range for Dynamic Loft, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Maximum Height.  How you get to your optimum numbers is where we come in.  These optimums can be achieved by looking at everything from club static loft, the shaft you are playing, where you are striking the ball on the face of the club, quality of the head and the ball you are playing.  We will start eliminating variables until we get you within your optimum range.  What is really valuable, is that there is no extra charge for this…it is part of our Lifetime Club Fitting!  Just another reason to make sure you get fit with the TrackMan ball flight monitor and the BGF Fitting System!