MyGolfShafts Tour App in Golf DigestStix

Compare Driver Shaft Pro TourMyGolfShafts Tour, the latest app developed by ITB, Inc. in partnership with D’Lance Golf Performance Center is mentioned in the latest issue of Golf DigestStix, the weekly ezine from Golf Digest.

MyGolfShafts Tour is designed to give even more shaft detail and comparisons the its predecessors, MyGolfShafts Lite and Pro.  Designed for the Apple iPad, Tour also allows the user to enter multiple clients/students and capture multiple sessions using launch monitor data.  Future versions will allow direct integration with FlightScope, Trackman and Foresight launch monitors instead of manually entering the data.  Subscribers will be able to upgrade to those versions at no charge when they become available.  To find out more about the MyGolfShafts Tour app and download your 7 day trial go to