Mizuno MP-20 Irons Coming Soon!

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

Mizuno is revamping their MP iron lineup in  dramatic way!  All the way from the traditional MP-20 (blade) to a completely new forged MP-20 Hot Metal Blade (HMB).  And in between, the MP-20 MMC with multi-material construction.  We have always been Mizuno fanatics and this new line-up makes us even more excited.  Mizuno has taken a step back in time and is adding a layer of copper in these models to improve feel.  Every single tester liked the feel of the new models better than the previous MP-18 line.

We should have demos in by August 20th. 

Pre-order on September 3rd with delivery September 20th.

Sine we have not tested these yet, we are going by what GolfWRX has compiled in terms of the differences in the models.  Once we get our demos in we will send out an alert so you can try these for yourself!!

Here is the GolfWRX article on the new MP-20 Line.

And here is another short take on the MP-20 lineup.