Make Sure Your Set is Consistent!

Miura-Black-BladesWhen you are looking for consistency in your golf game, look no farther than your golf bag.  This is a great game but it is the only sport I know of that requires 14 different clubs to hit one ball!  The chances of those clubs being consistent in weight distribution, shaft flex, length, loft and lie are slim to none.  Every player that we fit ends up with clubs that are matched to their swing (strength and launch dynamics) and built to our exacting standards.  This allows you to build a consistent swing with clubs that feel and perform the same throughout your set.  Imagine a baseball player trying to hit consistently with one bat that is 35″ long and weighs 36 ounces, and another that is 34″ long and weighs 32 ounces.   Just won’t happen.  I am sure you have a club or two in your bag that you “love to hate” which requires a completely different swing to make it work.  We eliminate that problem!  So, if you have never been through a complete high-tech fitting, and have not had clubs built to your specifications, now is the time to set the bar a little higher.  Schedule your complete fitting TODAY!