How Long Has It Been Since You Upgraded Your Wedges?

Wedges 2014-1Depending upon whom you believe, you should replace your wedges after 25 or 50 rounds since the grooves will wear out much faster on wedges than your other irons.  Also, there are a lot of new wedge designs with different grinds, sole designs and bounces that could make a big difference in your game.  For example, Mizuno uses different groove designs depending upon the loft of the wedge to optimize performance.  SCOR has a unique V sole that allows you to alter the bounce dynamically.  Titleist is offering up to 6 different grinds on their SM5 wedges, depending upon the loft and bounce.  Some companies like Miura and Epon have fewer grind options but offer superior forgings from Japanese steel for improved feel.  Probably the most important aspect of picking your wedges is getting the proper distance gaps.  You should have no more than 5 degrees difference in lofts from your PW to your LW, unless you are a finesse player that likes to open or close the wedge face to control spin and distance.  The type of courses you play and sand in your bunkers will also have a lot to do with which bounce and sole design works best for you.  When you go through an iron fitting or a complete club fitting, we will take a look at your wedges and make recommendations as to the shaft weight and flex, length, swing weight, loft, lie, and bounce on all of your wedges.  These are your scoring clubs so you should make sure they give you very precise distances with each club and between clubs.