Keys to Better Drives

Driver Heads 2022

Driver Heads 2022

Unlocking the keys to better drives will help you hit more greens in regulation and score better!  TrackMan Golf has done an extensive study that shows that golfers can reduce their handicaps by up to 4 strokes by adding more distance and accuracy to their drives!

Here are our Keys to Better Drives:

Play a Shorter Driver Shaft

Why?  You will hit more fairways!   And, potentially get more distance. If you are playing a standard off-the-rack driver, chances are the shaft is too long.  The standard length driver from the top 5 manufacturers is 45.5 to 45.75 inches long for men and 44.25 to 44.5 inches long for women.  Longer clubs typically lead to shots off the heel robbing you of distance!  We recommend no longer than 45 inches for most male golfers and 44 inches for most female golfers.  See our related blog:  What Driver Length Should YOU Play?

Have the Right Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a penetrating ball flight off the tee to get more distance.  TrackMan Golf studies have shown that the combination of higher launch and lower spin can increase distance dramatically.  And, as golfers start losing club speed, the higher lofts will help increase carry distance AND roll.  See our related blog:  Optimize Driver Loft for More Distance AND Accuracy.

Play the Right Shaft Weight and Flex

If you are playing off-the-rack drivers, the shafts usually come in two flavors:  Lighter (50 grams or so) and higher launching, or heavier (60 grams or so) and mid launching.  Of course you can get a few different flexes in each model.  Custom fit shafts allow you to fine tune the shaft weights and flexes to YOUR unique swing.  The right shaft can make a dramatic difference in accuracy, distance and consistency.  See our related blog:  Get the Right Shaft to Hit Your Driver Straight AND Long.

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