It’s Time You Get a (New) Grip!

Depending upon which company you believe, those old, worn, slick grips can be costing you up to 6 strokes per round.  Whether you live in a dry climate like Colorado or Arizona, or humid areas in the southeastern United States, humidity, dirt and oil from your hands can make your grips, well, lose their grip!  And, there are a lot of new grips out there to choose from.  GolfPride is expanding their New Decade MultiCompound line with multiple new colors and backgrounds.  Pure has expanded their colors and sizes.  And, Winn has a new Duratech line that offers a new combination of tackiness and durability.  So get on in here and get your grips sized properly and replaced by professionals.  Who knows?  It could be the difference in winning or losing that Nassau bet with your buddy!