Indoor VS. Outdoor Fittings?

Big debate… I have read so many posts on whether Indoor fittings are just as effective as outdoor fittings and it seems the jury is still out on this one.  As posted before, most people are “feel players” so just the thought of hitting into the nets turns folks off.  But, I believe the answer is “yes and no”.   Indoor fittings can be just as effective in a reliable, controlled environment with the proper launch monitor and systems in place.  Yes, it is different then hitting in real grass and yes you do hit into nets, but the science behind the fitting is undeniable!  D’lance does both indoor and outdoor fittings using trackman and a proprietary shaft analysis software.  After fitting over 10,000 golfers indoors before adding our outdoor fittings, it was a rarity to have a customer come back with their custom built clubs and say they did not work for them.  So, with that said, if you have a good fitter, the right type of setting and software and a properly built set, not an “off-the-rack” fitting, you can’t go wrong!