How to Improve Greens in Regulation In 2020

In our current poll, 43% of our readers want to improve Greens in Regulation (GIR)!  They know that the key to scoring and having more fun is to hit more greens.  So easier said than done, right?  Here are some tips that will help you drop as much as 1.8 strokes off your game, according to TrackMan data, by simply hitting more GIR:

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Hit Your Drives Longer

Optimizer Driver LT 80MPH

Optimizer Driver LT 80MPH

Duh!  If you are 10-20 yards longer off the tee, you will be hitting shorter shots into the green!  TrackMan tests have shown that GIR improves at least 50% for the average golfer when hitting shorter irons into the green!  We will be re-posting some of these tips shortly but for now see our series:  Getting More Distance Off the Tee!

Play More Forgiving Irons

Ping G410

New irons in the last several years have been not only hotter (more distance) but more forgiving.  Your shot dispersion can be reduced up to 30% according to some companies.  Examples are Callaway APEX 19, PXG Gen 3 0311 XF, TaylorMade p790, Srixon Z785 and Ping G410.  Why punish yourself when taking advantage of modern technology can help you have more fun.

Get the Right Shafts

C6 Iron-Hybrid Shafts

We have proven over and over that the right shaft in your clubs can reduce shot dispersion by 50% and improve distance at least 5%.  The right length, weight, flex, and shaft profile (trajectory and spin) can make dramatic differences in accuracy and consistency.  Do your shafts feel too heavy or too stiff?  Do they feel great but sometimes you get really inconsistent results?  Is steel still better than graphite?  Our fittings can help you figure this out!

So make YOUR goal this year, more GIR.  You will score better and have more fun!

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Dan Sueltz